Canyoning and adventure sports in the Sierra de Guara and the Pyrenees.

Service contract

  1. The interpretation and application of this contract,as well as any possible claim relating to it, are in compliance with, and subject to, the Huesca Courts (Tribunales de Huesca) with express waiver of any other jurisdiction.

  2. In all activities, CIA Guías de Bierge (from hereon;CIA) takes all possible precautions to prevent any type of accident. However, the client must be clear that all mountain/adventure sports can be subject to forces outside of human control.

  3. Upon signing, the client declares that they have no illness or physical impairment that would affect their undertaking of the activity.

  4. CIA carries a Civil Liability insurance policy and Accident and Travel Assistance policy, which covers all clients who contract their services.

  5. The activities may be subject to changes to itinerary or timetable and may even be suspended while taking place if the circumstances (weather conditions, avalanches, water flow, physical condition of level of group etc.) dictate. This is always at the discretion of CIA with the security of the group in mind.

  6. In the case of cancellation once the activity has commenced, the client will be credited with 75% of the total price of the activity. Accordingly, it is the aim of CIA to start all activities with the best possible conditions.

  7. If, at the discretion of the guide, the client does not satisfy the physical or technical requirements, or their material does not meet the minimum requirement,participation in the activity may be refused or commencement of the activity may be subject to change or delay.

  8. Children must be accompanied by an adult or their legal guardian must sign express authorization and said contract.

  9. For higher level activities, CIA reserves the right to carry out a level test or a trial run in order to avoid problems at a later stage.

  10. The client promises to accept the decisions of the guide and follow all instructions given in order to guarantee the security of all members of the group.

  11. CIA has specific tariffs for exclusivity of guide or instructor, but for general tariffs will always create groups (with a maximum number) according to level of expertise. Group prices therefore, are for groups that contract an activity as such.

  12. Stipulated tariffs include running costs and supplier charges and are based on current tariffs. In the case of any sudden increase, prices are subject to revision.

  13. Activities are subject to cancellation, modification or postponement 48 hours before they are due to commence. This may occur if, at the discretion of CIA, the local conditions are not suitable or if the predicted minimum number of participants for a given activity, or to qualify for a special group rate, has not been reached. In the case of cancellation or postponement, the client is entitled to a full refund or the substitution of another activity of their choice.

  14. The prices shown on our tariffs, except in the case of error or omission, include; accident insurance; direct services as provided by CIA; a guide; material for collective use of the group; technical material and 8% VAT.

  15. Unless stated otherwise, all services and individual expenses (reservations, accommodation, food, transport, ski-lifts, material hire etc. or expenses related to the guide should the activity take place outside the Sierra de Guara or the Benasque Valley, such as accommodation and board) and their contract is the responsibility of the client. Even if help is given in their organisation, CIA accepts no responsibility for said services.

  16. As soon as a reservation is accepted, the client is required to pay 25% of the total price. In the case of groups or activities of more than on day in duration, a deposit of 30% is required. Assuming the activity goes ahead, the balance is required 10 days before the activity is due to take place.

  17. The client may cancel the contracted services at any time and has the right to a refund of monies paid.However, cancellation charges apply as follows: a) 5% of the total price if the cancellation is made 10-15 days before. In activities of one dayduration, up to 24 hours before departure. b) 15% of the total price if cancellation is made 3 to 10 days before. c) 25% of the total price if the cancellation is made 48 hours before. d) A non-show at the due departure time is subject to full payment being retained with no refund.

  18. Taking part in any activity of CIA, confirming details and/or making payment, implies the total acceptance of the contract by the client.

  19. Upon registering for an activity, the client permits their image to appear in publicity material with the aim of promoting the company without prior notification.

SIGNED: Cia. Guías de Bierge
CLIENT: (Name, surname, passport nº, DOB)


CIA guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data and expresses its commitment to comply with the Spanish Data Protection law “Ley Orgánica 15/1999” of 13th December (BOE 14/12/1999)


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