Canyoning and adventure sports in the Sierra de Guara and the Pyrenees.














What is canyoning?

The activity consists of descending a narrow stretch of a river bed or canyon; impossible to do without getting in the water! It usually involvesswimming, walking, jumping, descending cliff faces and waterfalls, and can even include diving

through short underwater passages.


What happens during a day’s canyoning?

After a good breakfast and with all the necessary material in the vehicle, the group sets off towards the starting point. Once there, it is necessary to walk to the bed of the river or the canyon and then put on wetsuits - and harness if necessary. Jumps, slides, siphons and rappels await in a spectacular natural environment. The group follows the river bed downstream walking, swimming, floating and abseiling while taking in the beauty of the surrounding ecosystem.


Is prior experience necessary or is it enough to be in good physical shape?

Prior experience or and kind of specific preparation is not necessary. Each person should be aware of their own limitations and should have the required physical condition required for each descent, bearing in mind the exertion required – a full day walking, climbing, abseiling, jumping and swimming.


Is jumping obligatory?

Jumping is sometimes obligatory in order to be able to progress down the canyon, however the majority of the jumps are relatively low and easy to do. Higher jumps are usually tackled by fixing a cord so that participants can abseil down. If any person taking part in an activity believes they make have difficulties with this particular aspect, it is essential to let the company and guide know in advance.


Do I need to be able to swim?

The aquatic descents usually have areas of deep water and stretches where swimming is necessary. Although the material provided helps canyoners to float, anyone who considers themselves to be a poor swimmer should let the

organization and guide know in advance in order to be able to choose the most appropriate canyon.


Is abseiling easy?

The guide always demonstrates how to abseil (rappel) correctly and always supervises each person as they descend, securing, directing and helping as needed.


What’s the minimum age required to take part in canyoning?

The minimum recommended age to take part in canyoning is 10 years old. The company can organize family activities more suited to younger children and their group, as required.


Will the water be cold?

The water is usually between 8ºC and 15ªC according to the season and the location.


Which is the best season?

The canyons vary throughout the year. After rainy spells or after the spring thaw, there is more water and it is usually colder. In this case more technical ability is required meaning that fewer people take part. In summer the water is

much lower and in some cases disappears altogether, resulting in more people.


What kind of footwear should I wear?

Light, comfortable footwear with a good grip that offers good protection for the foot. And of course it’s going to get wet!


Do I have to take food and drink?

Yes. Depending on the timing of the activity, the group usually stops before, during and after the descent for a light picnic, snack, drink and rest.


If I’m federated do still need insurance?

By law, all activity companies are obliged to take out insurance with civil liability coverage and accident assistance, which is included in the price of the activity.



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