Canyoning and adventure sports in the Sierra de Guara and the Pyrenees.



An opportunity to observe flora and fauna, reach unknown landscapes, visit abandoned villages and capture magnificent views with your camera.


Localitation: Sierra de Guara, Parque Nacional de Ordesa, Monegros, Aragón, Cataluña, Pirineos, Picos de Europa, Canarias,Marruecos...

Dates: All year round

Duration: Half day - one day - several days tours


People: 4 to 10


Necessary material: 

- Strong sport or hiking boots
- Light backpack adjustable to fit tightly to the body.
- Protective hat / waterproof jacket
- Fleece / warm sweater / sweatshirt
- Breathable t-shirt or undershirt
- Comfortable trousers (long or short depending upon season)
- Protective sun cream and sunglasses
- Hat and gloves or sun hat (depending on the season)
- Water bottle or camelback

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