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equipment rental conditions

  • The prices are material / day and include 21% VAT.

  • Discounts are not accumulated in material kits.

  • The client will have their ID, a contact telephone number and a signature scanned.

  • The time of collection of the material will be agreed with the Company in advance between 9-14h and 17-20h for the return.

  • The rental can be made the day before if the activity requires it.

  • The rent is per day. If it is returned late, a 10% surcharge will be applied.

  • The person who rents the material is responsible for knowing the techniques for the use and handling of the rented technical material. The customer has the manufacturer's label and instructions at his disposal.

  • Ropes are not rented for safety.

  • The Company and the client will review the state of the material at the time of delivery to the client and of the return. Any loss or damage to the rented material must be paid by the customer for the replacement value.

  • The client must report any damage or incident that the material has suffered, as well as if they have contagious diseases.

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