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An opportunity to observe flora and fauna, reach unknown landscapes, visit abandoned villages and capture magnificent views with your camera.


Location: Sierra de Guara, Ordesa National Park, Monegros, Aragon, Catalonia, Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Canary Islands, Morocco ...


Dates: All year round


Duration: ½ day - 1 day - routes several days


People: From 4 to 10



- Strong sport or hiking boots
- Light backpack adjustable to fit tightly to the body.
- Protective hat / waterproof jacket
- Fleece / warm sweater / sweatshirt
- Breathable t-shirt or undershirt
- Comfortable trousers (long or short depending upon season)
- Protective sun cream and sunglasses
- Hat and gloves or sun hat (depending on the season)
- Water bottle or camelback

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