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Later became Compañía de Guías de Bierge SC, dynamic company as the Royal Decree 146/200 0 Government of Aragon , registered with the Registrar of Companies and activities of Active Vacation of Huesca.


With the Company Guides Bierge SC know the sport and its techniques, the adventure will live in safety and respect for the natural and social environment, find a profession in a wide range of mountains, water, snow and ice.


We know the mountain environment and the characteristics of each area, the techniques for safe progress and we get closer to the natural and cultural riches of the place.

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We invest in safety by means of planning safe activities with a greater efficiency for all concerned. We believe in the continuous training of our professionals and trust in their valuable experience. Our staff are experts in risk assessment and knowledgeable about the best way to minimize risks in all aspects of our activities. This is our best guarantee, together with material that is carefully checked and renewed, as authorized by the CEE.



The personal and professional experience of our staff is an added value, which enables us to better understand the needs of every client and to offer personal attention in our full range of services. We work with small groups and offer activities for a wide range of abilities. We aim to improve constantly through training and the continuous revision of materials and activities.



This is evident in the activities we undertake: the management of residues; the careful management of all activities; continuous training; the recovery and signposting of ancient paths; environmental education activities and the restoration and adaptation of a former barn as our office, which is well integrated into the surrounding landscape. 

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