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Our passion, our profession!

Mountaineers, mountain-climbers, guides, monitors, life-guards, environmental educators, ski patrol rescuers, ski instructors, sportsmen and sportswomen, connoisseurs of all things related to the mountains, nature lovers, photography fans and experts in organising trips, excursions and expeditions.

As professionals, we organise courses related to the environment, recycling and reusing for our staff and help them to gain qualifications.  We want to enjoy pleasant surroundings and to enjoy a dignified and enjoyable career.


Why bother with a guide?

Because a good guide knows and understands the mountain environment as well as the specific peculiarities of each area.  They will understand the skills necessary for better and safer progress and can take us closer to nature and to the cultural and natural attractions of each area.

Why professional guides?

As we are responsible for the training of our guides, they are adequately equipped with the necessary skills to develop our activities with professionalism. Our guides hold qualifications from the Spanish School of High Mountains and most are members of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides.

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