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This activity involves descending the course of the river, canyon or a narrow gorge and can combine the techniques of climbing, abseiling, swimming, floating, jumping and hiking.  It takes in rock, natural slides, underground streams, small waterfalls and deep pools.


Place: Sierra de Guara and the Pyrenees

Dates: From April to September 


Depends on the time it takes to reach the ravine on foot, the duration of the descent and the necessity to return to the same place of departure.


​Nº of people: Depends on the canyon; please consult specific details of each canyon on the website.


Necessary material:

- Swimsuit
- Comfortable clothes and light
- Socks
- Comfortable shoes, light and sticky
- Sun cream
- Hat and sunglasses
- Picnic Food and drink
- If spectacles take necessary subject-glasses

Materials included

- Full or two piece neoprene

- Helmet

- Harness and descender

- Backpack

- Watertight drum

- Booties (if deemed appropriate)

Canyon levels

Level 1


Physical activity:

Family ravines.

People: 4-10


Barrasil, Puntillo, Último caos del Vero, Pequeño Mascún.

Level 2


Physical activity: 4-6 hours

People: 4-8


Basender, Gorgonchón, Vero, Formiga, Peonera superior, Peonera inferior, Oscuros Balcez, Furco, Fornocal, Fondo, Fontaneta, Portiacha, Liri, Mirava, Escuain, Yesa, Barbaruens, Gloces.

Level 3


Physical activity: 6-9 hours

People: 4-6


Gorgas Negras, Mascún, Otin, Cueva Cabrito, Lapazosa, Formiga+Gorgonchón, Aigüeta de Eriste, Sorrosal, Ordiso, Chimiachas, Fondo.


Level 4


Physical activity: 6-9 hours

People: maximum 4  



The data sheets are approximate and introductory so advise. consult a professional or inquire more closely before making activity.

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