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Services contract

  1. For the interpretation, application or claim of the general and particular conditions of this contract, they will be expressly submitted to the Courts of Huesca, waiving any other jurisdiction.

  2. Cia.Guías de Bierge (hereinafter CIA) adopts in each activity, all possible precautions to prevent any accident, although the client must be clear that in mountain sports there are always forces beyond human control.

  3. The client declares not to have any illness or physical impediment that affects the performance of the activity.

  4. The Cia has a Civil Liability policy and travel and accident assistance insurance that all clients have when contracting this service.

  5. The activities could be modified in itinerary or schedule, even suspended  during the same if the circumstances (meteorology,  avalanches, flow, physical condition or level of the group...) recommend it. Always under the criteria of the CIA and for the safety of the group.

  6. In case of cancellation once started, the client will pay 75% of the total activity. For this reason, we will always try to start in the most favorable conditions possible.

  7. If, in the guide's opinion, the client does not meet the minimum physical, technical and/or material conditions necessary, their participation could be denied, the start of the activity modified or delayed.

  8. Minors will be accompanied by an adult or their legal guardians will sign a  authorization and said contract.

  9. For level activities, the CIA may choose to take a practical test or a  pre-exit, to avoid later problems.

  10. The client agrees to accept the decisions of the guide and follow the instructions to guarantee the  security of all the members of the group that this dictates during the activity.

  11. The CIA has prices for guide or teacher exclusivity, otherwise it will always be open groups according to level and maximum number of participants. Group prices are for groups that register as such.

  12. The stipulated rates include management and supplier charges and are based on current rates. In the event of an extraordinary increase, the rates are subject to revision.

  13. Any activity may be cancelled, modified or postponed 48 hours before its start. Yes to  the CIA judges that the conditions in the area are not adequate; equally  if the minimum number of registrations provided by the organization is not covered or a special price is agreed for a registered group. In these cases of cancellation or postponement, the client has the right to a full refund of what was paid or to the substitution for another activity of their agreement.

  14. The prices expressed in our rates, except error or omission, include: accident insurance, direct services of the CIA, guide service and material for collective use and technical material 21% VAT.

  15. Unless otherwise stated, all services and expenses of individuals (reservations, accommodation, maintenance, transport, ski lifts, material rental,... As well as expenses of the accommodation and maintenance guide if it is carried out outside the Sierra de Guara or the Benasque Valley) and their contracting are at the customer's expense, although their management will be facilitated without being directly responsible for said services.

  16. At the time of registration the client will pay 25% of the total price. In case of groups or activities of more than one day, 30% will be paid. The entire price, if applicable, will be paid 10 days before the activity.

  17. The client may cancel the contracted services, having the right to a refund of the amounts paid, however, the management and cancellation expenses will have to be paid: a) 5% of the total price if it is canceled with more than 10 days and less than 15. In one-day activities up to 24 hours before departure. b) 15% of the total price if canceled between 3 and 10 days c) 25% of the total price if canceled within 48 hours prior to the start. d) Failure to show up at the time of departure supposes the total loss of the amount.

  18. The fact of taking part in any CIA activity, data confirmation and/or payment implies full acceptance of the service contract by the participant.

  19. By registering, customers allow their image to appear in advertising media for CIA promotional purposes without prior notice. .


SIGNED   Bierge Guides Company                    CUSTOMER (name, surnames, DNI, date of birth)

                                                                             List of participants is attached.






Cia Guías de Bierge SC guarantees full compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (RGPD) and the LSSI/CE 34/2002. The recipient of this e-mail is informed and gives his consent to the incorporation of his data to the existing files in the company and to the treatment of the same for its use in relation to the development of commercial, administrative procedures and other activities of the company. the same.

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